I have been doing freelance art for over twelve years and translated that skill set to tattooing in the last six.  I was lucky enough to train under people who have been in the industry for decades and continue to hone my craft and push my abilities as I set out on new adventures.

Illustrative organic subject matter is what calls to me the most, especially portraits and animals mixed with plant life, but I am generally game for any projects people throw my way.  If you'd like a better idea of my finished work you can check out my instagram feed @snaggle_tooth_tattoos

I feel it's also important to give back to my community, especially since they trust me with their bodies on a regular basis.  We will be holding flash specials to raise money for local causes through out the year.  You can always check up on events and fundraisers here, and on my instagram.  

When you book an appointment with me you can expect to be treated with respect, offered way too much candy, and probably hear a fart joke or two.  I don't take myself too seriously, but I do pour all of my effort and abilities into my work.  

All bodies welcome.


With lots and lots of love,

Claire "snaggle tooth" Warhus